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2018 Specialty Drug Trends

2018 Specialty Drug Trends

By: Jason Marcewicz  |  Content and Communications Specialist | Advanced Medical Strategies

2018 Specialty Drug Trends
44 specialty drug approvals in 2018
59 total FDAapproved novel drugs in 2018
Branded specialty drugs account for roughly 1-3% of branded drug prescriptions filled, but compriseapproximately 30% of total branded drug spending
Specialty drug costs trended upward 10% (2016 to 2017)
Of the 44 specialty drug approvals, 19 were Orphan Drugs

Did you know that in 2018, high dollar specialty drugs accounted for 44 of the total 59 FDAapproved novel drugs? What specialty drugs are on the rise? Which Orphan drugs are the costliest? How can payers evaluate drug views in 2018 and translate them into strategic business outcomes for 2019?

AMS is pleased to continue to inform and educate our members about high dollar pharmaceuticals (and their associated diagnoses), through our annual report on drug trends. You can download the 2018 Specialty Drug Trends report at the link below.


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