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Claims Professionals

Carriers, Workers' Comp, TPAs, MGUs, Healt Plans, Reinsurers, and Taft-Hartley Health Plans

Clinical guidance lets you file with confidence.

AMS provides a number of services that Claims Professionals rely on to make the best judgments on all areas of their work. It’s our job to answer the most important question: how can we save you time and money?

Claims Auditing

Don’t miss a thing. AMS claims audits are performed by experienced professionals that ensure the completeness and accuracy of every claim before adjudication.


Gather the intelligence you need to pay high-cost pharmaceutical claims with PredictRx. This digital library of clinically-verified data provides claims professionals with actionable information that leads to saving time and money when paying claims. See Our PredictRx Subscription Service.

Independent Medical Reviews

Using a nationwide network of over 700 multi-specialty physicians, AMS hands you the tools seek out discrepancies in medical claims. See Our Independent Medical Reviews Services.


Our Catastrophic Claims Cost Prediction Tool, PredictDx, allows Claims Professionals to accurately assess treatment costs of over 160 trigger diagnoses, compiled in a searchable digital library for easy access. See Our PredictDx Subscription Service.


Bill Audits, Negotiations, and Reference-based Pricing. AMS offers their complete services to find where your claims costs can be reduced. See Our Cost-Containment Services.