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ImplantDx is a price transparency tool and a new basis for provider network contracting and reimbursements for implant-related service

The only online, fully- transparent implant cost directory in the industry.
  • Number of Unique Items: > 200,000
  • Regional Price points: 700,000
  • Implant Categories: 374
  • Number of Vendors: 4,809
  • Number reporting facilities: 3,138
  • Low, Median, High Pricing by supplier, category, and item or SKU
  • Quarterly Updated Data
  • Ability to mine and benchmark implant provider charges with powerful pricing information allowing for: Reference based pricing reimbursement , Invoice plus pricing reimbursement, R&C audits and  Direct negotiations
  • Avoid cost-containment vendor fees by using AMS’ on-demand analytics available on an unlimited basis, to identify potential savings and maximize plan document limits on implants
  • Compare charges for medical-surgical supplies and implants with prices paid by hospitals in National and Regional views of the U.S.
  • Save time and quickly compare medical-surgical supplies and implants on more than price alone
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Medical-surgical Implants and Devices remain a cost transparency black hole in the healthcare industry.


When claims are submitted, you need these five “PARTS”


  • Price: Is the price for implants really the price – Do I have this information?
  • Analytics: Do I have the proper analytics to make informed decisions?
  • Reliance: Who must I rely on for accurate information?
  • Time: Can I efficiently manage claims without wasting time?
  • Savings: Am I sure my total savings/ROI is optimal?


Compare your answers to those that ImplantDx offers: Click here to compare

Bundle Pricing Module

ImplantDx Bundled Pricing Module provides the true costs behind the most common implant-related procedures, including total/partial knee replacement, hip, shoulder, spinal fusions, pacemaker implantations, stent placements, and more. The Bundled Pricing Module not only gives the total costs for these procedures, it also breaks those costs down to its individual parts. Complete provider-reported pricing for all medical-surgical implants and devices is revealed–from a $100 bone screw to a $75,000 dual chamber pacemaker.

  • Visibility into all-in cost thresholds for most common implant-involved procedures
  • Ability to break down these surgeries into their individual implant components, professional services fee component, and facility fee component for outpatient reimbursement
  • Streamline network bundled price contracting with adjustable implant reimbursement/R&C professional services fees
  • Have all information required for pre-cert in one easy to navigate directory
  • Visibility into which implant components make up a surgery & commonly implanted systems from different manufacturers