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The only online, fully- transparent implant cost directory in the industry. ImplantDx offers clients the references they need for implant cost-containment with on-demand analytics.

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ImplantDx: Will change your business and give you the reference you need to take control of implant cost containment


  • Access to AMS’ exclusive provider reported implant data
  • Proprietary supply and implant pricing database
  • Number of Unique Items: 600,776
  • Number of Vendors: 4,809
  • Number reporting facilities: 3,138
  • Low, Median, High Pricing by supplier, category, and item or SKU

Mine and benchmark your implant provider charges with powerful pricing information allowing for:

  • Reference Based Pricing Reimbursement
  • Invoice Plus Pricing Reimbursement
  • R&C Audits
  • Direct negotiations

Avoid cost containment vendor fees by using our on-demand analytics available on an unlimited
basis, to identify potential savings and maximize plan document limits on implants

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AMS has coordinated with a leading medical management firm to conduct a bill analysis using ImplantDx cost data. The purpose of the study was to identify potential savings that could be realized through the use of ImplantDx for bill analysis, as well as highlight ImplantDx’s potential ROI after only one bill.

Case Study Summary Of Savings
ImplantDx Search Result ImplantDx Cost Quotes Billed Charges Invoice+ 50% Dollars Saved
Graft Bone Infuse

Description: graft bone inuse 1.0mi bmp

Low: $1,162.80

Avg: $1,742.04

High: $2,475.00




Graft Dural 5x4in Resorable

Description: graft duraplasty biodesign matrix

Low: $442.50

Avg: $500.34

High: $590.00




Screw Bone 7.5mm 40mm Multiaxial

Description: screw bone 7.5mm 40mm opus spn

Low: $630.36

Avg: $670.36

High: $670.36

$4,703.81 x4


$1,005.54 x4



Graft Bone Infuse

Description: graft bone inuse 1.0mi bmp

Low: $1,162.80

Avg: $1,742.04

High: $2,475.00

$4,703.81 x3


$3,304.50 x3



Total Savings