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The definitive on demand decision support solution for delivering in-depth clinical information, empirical insight and key financial analytics for the costliest medical diagnoses


PredictDx provides clients with physician vetted in-depth information on clinical treatments and experimental issues along with billed and paid charges of over 140 networks. This powerful data enables payers to more accurately predict liabilities, set reserves, assess the need for cost containment, validate standard of care treatments and eliminate the countless hours spent searching for credible financial and clinical data.


How PredictDx can help:

In the past several years we’ve seen a cataclysmic shift in the cost of care resulting in a huge increase in both severity and frequency of catastrophic claims. At AMS, we are well aware of the challenges both health and casualty industries are facing when dealing with these claims.


  • Unable to identify standard of care treatment versus experimental treatments
  • What’s being billed and paid?
  • Labor intensive
  • Difficulty finding resources
  • Lack of access to accurate and up-to-date information


PredictDx allows clients to overcome these challenges. Click on your industry to learn how.

PredictDx increased productivity and case accuracy by $2.5 million for a leading Carrier


HM Insurance Group (HMIG) conducted an in-depth, performance-based study to evaluate the impact of adding PredictDx as a staff resource in their workplace. HMIG compared existing performance data from the 2013 fiscal year before implementing PredictDx against data from the 2014 fiscal year after subscribing to PredictDx.


HMIG determined that PredictDx made a notable impact on case management productivity and accuracy of case projections by measuring the total number of completed case reviews, what percentage of those reviews contained projections, and the case managers’ average review completion per day.


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  • Over $40 Billion of charges processed
  • $12.1 Billion paid over 115 Million claim lines
  • 274 unique insurance networks represented
  • Billed and Paid Charges on the most costly diagnoses for all 50 States
  • Geo Zip Break Down
  • Medicare Reimbursement
  • Over 44,00 CPT, 13,800 ICD9/10 codes mapped
  • DRG Coding with National and State Reimbursement amounts
  • Statistics Module
  • In-depth standard of care Treatment Information
  • Complications
  • Investigational Therapies / Pipeline Drugs
  • Physician Commentary
  • Quickly and proactively identify medical necessity and experimental / investigation issues
  • Triple your team’s productivity using a data-driven approach to process claims by eliminating the time intensive manual research methodologies based on disparate information, saving both time and money
  • Statistical data including inpatient claims of statewide and national average for billed charges, provider costs and average length of stay on the catastrophic diagnoses in PredictDx
  • Become an even more valuable and efficient partner by having access to the most comprehensive clinical and financial data available in minutes



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