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A comprehensive Specialty Drug directory that evaluates costs and dosing regimens


PredictRx combines the most up-to-date clinical information with drug pricing to deliver a valuable whole-picture view of specialty drugs. Each of these facets are benchmarked by the most recent and accurate data.


How PredictRx can help:

Knowing what drugs are FDA approved for which diagnoses is imperative. Further, when looking at a drug’s off-label usage you must be equally certain it is safe and reasonable.


PredictRx includes the following data and information allowing clients to push forward, constantly staying ahead of industry trends and competition by utilizing cutting edge technology.


  • FDA Approved Indications
  • Notable Off-label Usage
  • Adult & Pediatric Dosing Regimens
  • Specialty Drug coding
  • AMS Cost Projection
  • AMS Risk Threshold
  • Southern Scripts (PBM) Pricing
  • Average PBM Costs
  • NDC Information
  • Manufacturer Rebates
  • Specialty Drug Price Trends
  •  Additional physician researched information


How the Data within PredictRx has impacted recent claims


We had a case where an individual was receiving Gleevec. All medical and claim documentation showed a diagnosis of neoplasm of connective tissues. We reviewed the Gleevec material on PredictRx. Gleevec is not FDA-approved for treatment of neoplasm of connective tissue. Nor is it a notable off-label use. As a result, the charges were denied under the terms of the plan document. The total savings on this one case, thanks to PredictRx? Over $100,000.

– Michael P. Eagan | Assistant VP, Claims | AccuRisk Solutions



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  • Up-to-date financial and clinical information on 425+ high dollar pharmaceuticals
  • 2,017 Indications – Currently 860 FDA, 1,025 off-label, 132 on the horizon
  • HCPCS mapped codes with Medicare reimbursements
  • NDC Package Codes and Manufacturer Rebate Information
  • Capacity to analyze complex high dollar claims for medical appropriateness, standard of care treatments and costs
  • Negotiate contracts from a position of strength by understanding current treatment cost trends
  • Applications for Reference Based Pricing