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Leapfrog Top Hospital Awards

Leapfrog Top Hospital Awards

The Leapfrog Group has released its 2016 Top Hospitals* report. Eschewing industry reputation, patient satisfaction and depth & breadth of available clinical services, it instead recognizes and awards hospitals that produce the safest, most effective care in the country.

Leapfrog’s evaluation benchmarks include:

  • A hospital must fully meet Leapfrog’s standard for Computerized Physician Order Entry
  • A hospital must fully meet Leapfrog’s standard for ICU Physician Staffing
  • A hospital must fully meet Leapfrog’s standard on at least 50% of applicable measures
    • inpatient care management
    • medication safety
    • maternity care
    • high risk procedures
    • infections and injuries
  • Hospitals must be ranked in the top of their peer group based on the Value Score
  • A hospital must fully comply with Leapfrog’s Never Events Policy
    • Apologize to the family
    • Waive all costs of treatment
    • Report the incident to regulators
    • Figure out the root cause of the error

The last portion dealing with Never Events is indicative of how Leapfrog places considerable emphasis on a hospital’s record of patient safety as well as taking responsibility when mistakes are made. The Leapfrog Group considers admitting culpability a major step for a hospital’s own health and good standing.

Early on, Leapfrog hoped that “by shining the light on hospital performance, employers could use their purchasing power to reward the top achievers, and foster a marketplace for high-value care.” They’ve made great strides towards that goal. Leapfrog’s purchaser-driven initiative of public reporting continues to resonate reassuringly in a healthcare field still plagued by issues of transparency.

*The Leapfrog Group’s 2016 Top Hospitals listing can be found here.

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