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Medical Management Firms

With critical information & powerful analytics at hand, nurse case managers will be able to provide the highest level of client and patient satisfaction while mitigating risks & managing costs

 With the Predict Suite Medical Management Firms can:

  • Position themselves as the prototype Medical Management firm with payers by quickly identifying claims and clinical issues that will breach spec, or worse
  • Become part of the growing trend of Medical Management firms who are solving the catastrophic claims problem with technology and data analytics products, like PredictDx/Rx
  • Differentiate your services in a way that are meaningful to your customers health care spend
  • Gain enhanced ability to react proactively on most costly diagnosis and effectively communicate it to your customer


With the Predict Suite Nurse Case Managers can:

  • Uphold quality and cost effective interventions and outcomes on high dollar diagnoses
  • Increase productivity by 10x
  • Eliminate outside vendor fees by negotiating with providers in-house
  • Provide cost effective clinical expertise in a timely manner
  • Easily identify problematic claims and clinical issues within one resource – in just a few clicks


Join other cutting edge Medical Management firms meeting the ever increasing demands placed on them to get a handle on “High Dollar” claims.


 Quickly and proactively identify medical necessity and experimental/investigation issues

Become an even more valuable and efficient resource to your client by having access to the most comprehensive clinical and financial data.

 Accurately focus on the 220+ most costly diagnosis that can have the most adverse impact on your employer groups

 Reduce or eliminate the reliance and fees on outside vendors (underwriting,  cost containment, case management