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MGUs & Carriers

Managing General Underwriters

Staying competitive in an environment of larger and larger claims underwriters need better data and tools to help minimize their impact.


With the Predict Suite, MGUs can:

  • Price business adequately to compensate for known risks in the population by using real, accurate, and constantly updated data
  • Support growth in earned premium, accurately set reserves, improve loss ratios, and profitability for current and future business
  • Triple productivity by eliminating the manual and time-intensive research mythologies based on disparate information
  • Accurately ‘pick and choose’ when to laser based on real quantifiable risk and provide a detailed clinical and financial assessment to more accurately substantiate findings
  • Quickly and proactively identify medical necessity and experimental/investigational issues

“When people ask me about PredictDx three aspects come readily to mind:


1. The PredictDx module interface makes it easy to see all information needed to determine cost;


2. It makes the process of underwriting more efficient and we find it very specific for reviewing lasers; and


3. PredictDx contains extremely detailed information regarding all potential future complications and possible treatments.”


– April St. Cyr, Claims Manager

ASG Risk Management, Inc.


Stop Loss & Reinsurance Carriers

Not only is important to bring in business, but the most vital aspect is its profitability.  At the end of a policy’s term it’s about successful Loss Ratios.  In order to do this you need easily accessible and digestible information with facts and figures that are hard to come by.  The lack of the right information at the right times often bends the risk curve upward.


With the Predict Suite Carriers can:


  • Assist in the evaluation of risk acceptability with established clinical and financial information
  • Support renewal retention, revenue growth and new business production Analyze impacts on loss ratios based on billed and paid claims data
  • Support communication of lasers and premiums to TPA’s/Brokers to:
  • Answer questions about a laser or quote
  • Print Outs to explain/support decisions
  • Provide documentation of expected costs and treatment course for the policy period