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Pfizer’s Breast Cancer drug meets primary endpoint

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The clinical trial of the Pfizer’s breast cancer drug was halted due to some problems relating to the performance of the drug, but now the problems have been solved and now the drug is ready for clinical trial.

The decision to halt the study was based on an assessment by an independent data-monitoring committee.

The breast cancer drug, Ibrance in combination with fulverstrant will be going through phase 3 of the clinical trial.

The results of the trial are positive and it has found that the drug is meeting its endpoint and there is improvement seen in progression free survival.

The share of the company Pfizer, up 18 percent over last year, rose by 1 percent to $35.39 in early trading.

Ibrance got accelerated approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in February as a first line treatment for women suffering from breast cancer.

The accelerated approval was given to the combination of the two drugs, one being Ibrance and the other drug is letrozole, a generic of the branded drug Femara from Novartis AG.

Letrozole is an FDA approved drug for breast cancer treatment.

They found that Ibrance in combination with fulverstrant is having better results in diseases progression that the combination of Ibrance and Novartis drug.

Accelerated drug approval is a temporary approval which is given for disease which is not having viable treatment based on less clinical data than required for traditional drug approvals.

Ibrance is prices at $9,850 for a month’s supply.

Analysts estimate that the drug will generate $4 billion sales in 2020.

Pfizer is now waiting for the approval from health regulators regarding the combination of Ibrance and fulvestrant.

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