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The Savings Isn’t Just Peanuts

The Savings Isn’t Just Peanuts

A recent study in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association; Sept 20, 2016) has indicated that the early introduction of eggs and peanuts to babies reduces their risk of getting those food allergies.

When introduced to eggs at 4-6 months old babies showed lower allergy risk. Similar findings were found with babies aged 4-11 months old who were given peanuts. Specifically, 24 cases of egg allergy per 1,000 people and 18 cases of peanut allergy per 1,000 people could be eliminated through early introduction.

On its face this may seem more like a consumer issue than a pharmacological one. Parents/caregivers of allergic children must cope with special foods and treatments, increased doctors’ appointments, and emergency room visits.

It also means one more thing: EpiPens.

By now we all know about how the maker of EpiPens, Mylan, raised the price of the life-saving drug injectors from roughly $100 in 2007 to $600 in 2016. In that same time-span, the EpiPen has gone from $1 million in yearly revenue for Mylan to over $1 billion!

Families, naturally, have been outraged over the five-fold increase. Many of them simply cannot afford the hefty price tag. But with Mylan having cornered 99 percent of the market, families are stuck with only two unpalatable options: Pay up, or risk their child’s health.

Unfortunately for those 1 percent of Americans who have severe peanut and/or egg allergies, the costs (both in health care terms for the child and on the family finances) are high.

The good news is that there is now a proven way for parents-to-be to reduce the risk of peanut and egg allergies for their children—and potentially eliminate the need for EpiPens altogether.

Early introduction of eggs and peanuts to babies mitigates allergy risks and, by association, health care costs. That, of course, is excellent news for families.

On a larger scale it is news that is beneficial to the medical industry. We now know there is a cost-free preventative measure that directly translates to savings with regard to a billion-dollar drug. And those savings add up to much more than peanuts.

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