Automated Itemized Bill Review

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AI-Bill (Automated Itemized) is an end-to-end automated I-Bill audit support solution. AI-Bill automatically identifies implant line items, seeks out supporting data from the AMS Predict Platform and generates an easy-to-understand spreadsheet that facilitates the auditing process.

Itemized Audit Worksheets in 90 Seconds!

AI-Bill imports bills, identifies implant line items and matches line items to 2M implants with benchmarked costs of the actual price providers pay for surgical devices and common implant related procedures.

Inside AI-Bill

  • 90

    Seconds to generate Audit Worksheets

  • 75+

    Readable I-Bill Formats

  • 2M

    Matched Implants & Medical Devices

Automated Implant Bill Screening

AI-Bills' Auto Screener quickly screens large claim data files and quickly identifies the right claims for auditors to request an I-Bill. The Auto Screener provides an estimated savings so that I-Bill requests can be prioritized to drive exponentially greater audit success metrics.

Identify & Match Implant Line Items

Compatible with over 75 different industry standard I-Bill formats & growing, AI-Bill’s Drag-and-Drop function makes it easy to upload itemized bills in PDF format. With results in 90 seconds, our automated workflow substantially reduces manual processes and streamline the audit process.

Implant Audit Worksheet - Example

Worksheet integrates relevant data from AMS’ PredictIx module to further facilitate the auditing process. Compiled information includes; FDA classifications complete with categories and implant and supply charges; implants that are not FDA approved; unsupported implant billings; unexpected unit quantities for the charged procedure; markup of billed charge and the variance compared to the actual cost of the charge.

Features & Benefits

  • Increased productivity

    Automated Audit Workflow

    Automated audit worksheets in 90 seconds.

  • Cutting-edge Technology

    PredictIx and AI-Bill work together for completely integrated worksheets.

  • Increase Savings

    Streamline pre-payment audits and post-payment recovery.

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