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AMS University is our online resource exclusively for Predict Suite members where they can engage directly with AMS experts, participate in live webinars, and check out materials from the resource library including on-demand webinars. It’s also the place where any AMS product launches and/or Suite enhancements are revealed.


Welcome to AMS University Orientation! This is where members register for classes, enter a classroom, visit the Resource Center and open their backpacks to keep selected materials handy.

Live and On-Demand Webinars

AMS University is home to a variety of learning opportunities. Predict Suite members can register for classes discussing the latest Predict Suite upgrades, Power Up classes that dig deep into specific topics or take part in an Asked & Answered interactive session.

Resource Center

In the Resource Center, Predict Suite members can download documents, videos, and other educational collateral, as well as scheduling time to chat with AMS educators.

Features & Benefits

  • Increased productivity

    24/7 Learning

    AMS University is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. We're even open on Holidays!

  • Live & On-Demand Classes

    Missed a class. No worries. All classes are captured and available when you are.

  • AMS Product Information

    Check out all of product info sheets, videos and more...

Knowledge Is Power

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