Underwriting Risk Prediction

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CensusRater is an automated risk module that takes census data, compares it to actual claims of groups similar in size, in similar states with similar claims rates and provides expected medical claims costs. Brokers and carriers can quickly assess profitable groups without claims history or health questionnaires.

Close the Small Group Underwriting Gap

Armed with little, if any claims data, brokers submit small group underwriting requests to carriers that overwhelmingly result in uncompetitive quotes or a decline to quote response. For their part, carriers can't evaluate risk with little, or no claims data.

Inside CensusRater

  • 35M


  • 375


  • 5B

    Claim Lines

  • $955

    Allowed Amounts

  • $3T

    Billed Amounts

Group Risk Profile

The Risk Profile dashboard displays a variety of general scores to aid in quick, high-level determination of a group’s risk

The dynamic Risk Cost Report dashboard empowers brokers to benchmark a groups risk profile with the aggregated data of similar sized groups in the same state…and nationally

The Summary dashboard shows expected and projected claims cost up to, and over spec, based on the user’s previous inputs in a streamlined view.

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-qualify Small Group Risk

    Self-service module returns risk profiles quickly.

  • Increased productivity

    Increase Productivity

    Minimize reliance on claims history and health questionnaires.

  • Increase Close Rates

    Increase probability that CensusRater vetted RFQ's are considered by national carriers already working with AMS.

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