On-Demand Implant Cost Analysis

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PredictIx provides accurate cost information on the actual price providers pay for surgical devices and common implant related procedures. It’s the only completely transparent implant analytics resource available in the marketplace.

Inflated Costs

Maintain leverage in network contracting by gaining insight into the actual costs providers are paying for implants and implant-related procedures.

Inside PredictIx

  • 3,000

    Implant Categories

  • 1.5M

    Unique Implants

  • 4M

    Actual Price Points

  • 3,100

    Reporting Facilities

  • 4,800+


  • $20 B

    Purchased Implant Amounts

Clinical Insights

Each implant device contained within PredictIx is accompanied with valuable clinical insight to inform and guide its usage, complications and considerations.

Financial Analysis

Review and compare actual implant cost information by vendor, catalog number, or category to identify inflated implant charges. Data includes National & State reported low, high and average costs.

Bundled Pricing Module

Comprehensive and detailed overviews are delivered with dynamic reporting that covers a wide variety of implant procedure related categories. The Bundled Pricing Module within PredictIx provides comprehensive cost analytics for the most common implant related procedures: knee replacements, hip/shoulder/spinal fusions, pacemaker implants, stent placements and more. In addition to cumulative cost, dashboard reporting offers line item detail to review individual cost-drivers.

Features & Benefits

  • Network Contracting

    Network Contracting

    Leverage knowledge of provider margins for fair contracting

  • Increased productivity

    Informed Negotiations

    Negotiate from a position of power

  • Payment Recovery

    Manage cost recovery on non-contracted implants with confidence

Knowledge Is Power

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