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Start Strong; End Strong

Start Strong; End Strong

Here we are in December, the final stretch of 2016. Everyone has had their turkey & potatoes and are just now waking from their food coma to focus on year-end business drudgery. Hey! Snap out of it! There’s still money to be made, and this is an excellent time to take advantage of your groggy competition.

Stop-Loss Carriers, reinsurers, HMOs, attorneys, Third Party Administrators, self-insured groups, and governmental agencies can all benefit from utilizing the power of AMS for deals with their sleepy providers. By leveraging our clinical expertise regarding drug application and medical treatment plans, we are able to win our clients 25% discounts on average and significantly decrease claims costs. AMS physicians will directly negotiate discounts for inpatient facilities and physician charges. These are usually resolved within 10 business days—plenty of time to put those profits in the bank before the close of 2016. Because AMS has forged quality relationships with many of the nation’s leading hospitals and healthcare facilities we achieve unsurpassed results in medical bill negotiation efforts. Guess who wins? You do! Time is saved; costs are contained.

What are you waiting for? You started 2016 with vigor, getting your company the best deals you possibly could, and continued that pace throughout the year. Why stop now just because the calendar page says December? AMS can help you achieve the goals you set for 2016, and even surpass them. Together, let’s end the year as strong as we started back in January!

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