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“PredictDX brings medicine and finance together without the confusion; love it!”

– Regina Davis RN, BSN, MBA

“I use it every day. I love it. I was really pushing to get this in our office. It’s very helpful. It takes all the guess work out of researching how much something costs and current treatment plans.”

“We are finding it most useful in helping to cost out treatment for certain high dollar diseases, especially when we have limited info on the claimant and need to be able to provide ranges of possible costs to the underwriters and sales folks.”

“I am not surprised that all of the subscribers renew every year as this is truly a high quality product that is quite useful in the clinical arena of setting reserves and quoting StopLoss. The most useful feature for me is the cost information for single & multiple drug therapy for Cancer diagnoses.”

“AMS has been a invaluable tool for underwriting and cost projection. I can’t say enough about you, the staff and Dr. Stacy. Their knowledge, and help have just made a tool more personable. All the right and up to date information in one place! Thanks for all you do.”

– Sherry Mininger LPN

“PredictDx has allowed us to be more regional in our lasering approach since we can get down to a state level.”

– Nurse Case Manager

“AMS has consistently proven to be an extremely valuable partner and resource for our claims and medical management departments offering a highly respected one -stop solution for medical advisory and assistance with large claims. We feel confident AMS will address our requests expeditiously and with complete professionalism.”

– Barb Tomlin

“My job is not only to bring in the business, but the most vital, is profitability.  At the end of the treaty it’s about successful Loss Ratios.  In order to do this, I need information.  The more information I have, the better and improved my decision becomes, thus, I get better at assessing risk.  I respect and appreciate my nurses, but in the end, it’s the underwriters call.  Having AMS gives me the needed edge that allows me to obtain a better gut instinct on a recommended laser.  What I and our nurses didn’t have before is the cost difference between an Allo stem cell transplant in Chicago, IL for UHC versus BC/BS or Cigna. “

“Trying to determine the cost increase/decrease to specific rates and/or factors when a change in network can be extremely difficult; especially when the BUCA’s do not give you much access to their discounting.  My selling point to our MGU to purchase AMS was to allow the underwriter more information with regards to PPO adjustments.  What is the difference to go from the current Cigna ASO/PPO if they move to Aetna PPO in the state of Tx?  I’ve lost several accounts because I had to be conservative because I didn’t have an accurate tool that gave me an indication to what the difference was in any given network change.  This isn’t an exact science, but AMS gave me something to dig into states and networks.”

“The more tools I have, the better and stronger my gut instinct gets to determine whether to go after that account.  AMS has allowed me to become more competitive and allowed and afforded me more opportunities to bring cases in as well as determine when and if to keep an account.  This goes both ways…..when to walk away when I feel a competitor is too aggressive. “