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2018 Top 5 Lists

2018 Top 5 Lists

By Jason Marcewicz | Content and Communications Specialist | Advanced Medical Strategies

AMS has released its fifth annual top five list of researched specialty drugs and diagnoses this year’s list includes:

2018 Top 5 PredictRx Views

2018 Top 5 PredictDx Views

2017-18 Top 5 Increased PredictRx Views

2017-18 Top 5 Increased PredictDx Views

As with the previous years’ reports, AMS has also provided additional information about the most viewed drugs and diagnoses. For drugs: FDA approved indications and Off-Label uses, available dosages, and assorted facts & figures about each one. For diagnoses: National average costs, various statistics, pipeline drugs and/or investigational therapies, as well as random bits of trivia pertaining to each.



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