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Top 5 PredictRx Researched Drugs of 2017
Advanced Medical Strategies (AMS) is pleased to release our 4th annual Top 5 list of the most commonly researched specialty drugs of 2017.


For the PredictRx Top 5 Researched Drugs of 2017, Remicade again tops the list as the one AMS clients inquired about the most during the past 12 months. Industry professionals should be particularly mindful about this drug and the four others (see below) when addressing high dollar claims going forward in 2018.


PredictRx remains a key component in the Predict Suite of solutions. It includes the following data and information which allows AMS clients to push forward, constantly staying ahead of industry trends and competition by utilizing cutting edge technology:


  • FDA Approved Indications & Notable Off-label Usage
  • Adult & Pediatric Dosing Regimens
  • Specialty Drug coding
  • AMS Cost Projection & AMS Risk Threshold
  • Southern Scripts (PBM) Pricing
  • Average PBM Costs
  • NDC Information
  • Manufacturer Rebates
  • Specialty Drug Price Trends
  • Additional physician researched information