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AMS is an industry leader in delivering technology-driven solutions for payment integrity, risk management, and high dollar claims issues

Evaluate and predict costs & clinical treatments for high dollar diagnoses by state with in-depth information on pending investigational therapies, pipeline drugs, and up to date physician commentary on standards of care treatment protocols


A comprehensive solution for specialty drugs that evaluates cost data, FDA approved indications, notable off-label usage, adult and pediatric dosing regimens, specialty drug coding, and critical physician commentary


The only online, fully transparent implant cost directory in the industry. ImplantDx offers clients the references they need for implant cost containment with on demand analytics

The Predict Suite – Something for Everyone

AMS is an industry leader in delivering technology-driven solutions for payment integrity, risk management, & high dollar claims issues.

Understanding & Predicting Risk

Increased Productivity

Loss Ratio Management

Invoice Validation

AMS solves critically important strategic problems of medical claims payers with predictive analytical software and decision support services.

AMS serves multiple stakeholders in the medical claims payment chain, including commercial and governmental payers, Stop Loss and Reinsurance Carriers, MGUs, Medical Management Firms,

Health Plans, TPAs, HMOs, Taft-Hartley Plans, workers compensation, and auto medical carriers.



reduction in claims cost



increase in quality assurance



saved on average


For Every Service We Perform, Your Success is Our Priority

As a physician-led organization, Advanced Medical Strategies brings forth some of the most innovative & proactive solutions in the Health Care and Workers’ Compensation Payor industry today. In addition to saving our clients time and money, we provide peace of mind when dealing with all complicated pieces that can happen when managing claims.

What We Achieve

  • A clinical and financial view of claims to produce the best possible outcome
  • Claims savings via fair and defensible claim reviews
  • Peace of mind with unbiased clinical reviews in complex cases
  • Simplification of complex cases through complimentary screening process
  • Maintaining collaborative relationships by recognizing payor politics

  • Many drugs granted accelerated approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lack clear evidence of safety and effectiveness, and the same is true for most high-risk medical devices, according to two new reports in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The Accelerated Approval pathway makes potentially promising investigational medicines available for use… Read More »
  • The claim:  The verdict: A blood test can detect DNA associated with nasopharyngeal cancer in seemingly healthy people, leading to earlier diagnosis and saving lives, researchers in Hong Kong reported1 on Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine Tell me more: Diagnosing tumors via a simple blood test has become a holy grail (a… Read More »



Dollars Saved Annually

We have saved tens of millions of dollars for our clients and members



We have retained 99% of our members


Sub Specialty

750+ specialty physicians in our peer review panel


Weekly Hours

We have saved our clients and members 100’s of weekly hours in research, analysis, and underwriting